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Perry Cuskey

2013 Tim Smith Shiloh Hikes Part 2: Beauregard

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Here at last are the two long-delayed videos on Beauregard. I'll have to include the maps at a later time, but basically speaking, we followed the April 7th Confederate defensive line from east to west, starting from Johnston's monument. From there we headed along the Hamburg-Purdy Road past the Davis Wheat Field, turned off the road and followed along the line of Ruggles' Battery to Duncan Field, and from there to Jones Field and Highway 22 near the picnic area. At that point we turned back toward Shiloh Church and our morning starting point at Shaw's, by way of Crescent Field and the Crossroads.


As you'll see in the videos, Tim had a 'theme' for this hike that he returned to quite often, and for good reason. It's his belief that the outcome on the battle's largely overlooked second day may not have been the foregone conclusion that its often made out to be. So lace up those hiking boots once again, and see if you agree. Off we go.....






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Thanks Perry.

Thanks for putting the video's on the site and, Yes, I found Tim's presentation very interesting as he presented several viewpoints that have not been mentioned before.  An example is Tim's mention of Lew Wallace's double flanking of the rebel line.  I am aware of this movement but not in a clear understanding as Tim outlined.  Now I'm very sorry to have missed the opporunity of Tim's discussions.

Maybe next time.


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You're welcome, guys. And the thanks has to be extended to Tony for taking the videos, and sharing them with us. 


Ron, yes, Tim explained the fighting on the second day about as clearly as I think I've ever heard it done. And his point about how different April 7th might have been had the Confederates maintained their positions overnight behind those two giant ravines is well taken indeed.


His book on Shiloh's second day should be coming out in 2015, as he was telling us. I believe he said the publisher is in the process of reviewing it. Suffice to say I'm looking forward to reading it. 



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