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The smartest horse

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The smartest horse on the Shiloh battlefield has to be the horse that belonged to Lieut. Frank Gracey of Cobb's Kentucky Battery.  When Lt. Gracey dismounted to help limber up a gun, the horse took the opportunity to remove himself from the heavy barrage of union guns.  This was the action that devastated the battery which suffered about 40 casualties, four guns were abandoned on the field (later withdrawn by using cows found locally), six caissons were lost and of the horses, 12 were wounded and 68 horses were killed.  These losses of horses represent all of the horses that brought the guns onto the battlefield.  This action took place about 11 am on Sunday. 


Lt. Gracey's horse, name of Frank, took safety behind a large haystack located near the headquarters of General McClernand.  The stack was big enough to provide cover for the horse and plenty to eat.  This is where was found much later in the battle, well fed and in perfect safety.  Not only did he have the good sense to get under shelter but also to find food.  What more do you need?


The battery went into the battle with 6 field guns and four were left on the battlefield, later withdrawn using farm animals and not returned to the battle.  What of the other two guns?  It is believed (as I believe) that this section of two guns remained in the battle later appearing on the battlefield at the far right of Ruggles' line of guns where it was described by General Ruggles as Trabue's Kentucky Battery.  This description is close only because Cobb's Battery was from Kentucky as was Trabue's infantry brigade.  There is no mention at all of a Trabue Kentucky Battery except on one plague on the field which is an error.  I found several sources to support this identifacation of a mis-named battery.  


Source of info is the Cobb's Battery website, a fine site well done with many sources.



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