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2014 Anniversary Hike Forum added under Anniversary Hikes category

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You can post any subjects related to this year's events in that forum. This year's anniversary falls on the weekend of April 5th, 6th, & 7th, with the dates this year falling on the actual days of the week of the 1862 battle. 

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Paul, yes, as Bruce said, they do ask that we register for the hikes ahead of time if at all possible. It helps give them an idea of how many people attend, and what subjects seem to be popular, etc. You can (and I have a couple of times) just wander up to a hike in progress and join in, but it helps them to know who has signed up. Plus, if someone gets lost in a ravine, they'll know what name to call out when they send out the search party. (Just kidding, just kidding!)

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