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Tony Willoughby

Veatch's Brigade Fights for the Union Center: The Battle for the Shiloh Watershed (video)

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2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Meet near the Michigan Monutment
Distance - 2.5 miles
Terrain - moderately difficult (ravines and streams) Late in the morning of April 6, a large and coordinated Confederate attack drove two reinforced Union divisions from a strong position near the Crossroads area around Water Oaks Pond. It was some of the bloodiest fighting of the battle. This program follows the operations of the reinforcing brigade of the Union line, Gen. James Veatch's Brigade of Hurlbut's Fourth Division. What role did Veatch's brigade play in the failed defense of the Crossroad? What was the cost of that defense? The program will also follow Veatch's men as the fall back to regroup and finally assist in stabalizing "Grant's Last Line." The program, led by volunteer Bjorn Skaptason, will also focus on the crucial role that terrain played on the fighting in the center of the battlefield.

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