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Route for Tim's Epic Trek

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Hi folks,

Below is an admittedly crude map showing the route of our upcoming hike with Tim Smith on November 8th. I sectioned it off with different colors because it seemed easier to follow that way. Here's an explanation/itinerary:

Our starting point is the red 'X' in the lower left corner of the map. The corresponding red line next to it is the first part of our hike, taking us along the historic Bark Road to the Eastern Corinth Road and up toward Spain Field. Tim is hoping to have us cross Locust Grove Branch east of Spain Field, near where Chalmers Brigade crossed.

From there we'll follow Chalmers to the vicinity of Prentiss's headquarters, before swinging back south along the Eastern Corinth Road once more (yellow line on the map). Then east along the Bark Road to the markers for Gage's and Girardy's markers on the cliff overlooking Stuart's position. Then down into the ravine, eventually emerging at Stuart's headquarters and lunch (Blue 'X').

The orange line leads us through the ravines toward the east end of the Hornets Nest. From there we backtrack through Cloud Field before turning north for our first encounter with Dill Branch. :)

After crossing the canyon there, we turn around and cross it again! The black line then leads us back south toward the cotton field and eventually back to Prentiss's headquarters and Spain Field. From there (white line) we turn toward our vehicles at the church, stopping along the way in Lost Field for a discussion of Shiloh's most famous friendly fire incident.

Total distance for the hike is approximately 12 miles. A snap. ;)

If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here....


More information soon, so check back for updates. The map is below. Post questions here, or via private message or email (pcuskey@gmail.com). Hope to see you there!


Screenshot_2014-09-17-12-53-58_kindlephoto-160796207 by wrap10, on Flickr

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How does one get from the white X to the starting red X? Seeing as you are starting from next door to me, I would be willing to ferry people from the Church to the starting point for a small gratuity (beer).



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