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Wandering the Park and the area

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I'm starting to learn some of the backroads by using my patented "Take any road that looks interesting and get sorta lost for a while" technique. On just such an excursion I came across an old house with great porches (I love houses with huge porches) that looks like it is getting some much needed TLC:


Then I came upon a field of snow!


Whew. Not snow, but cotton that looks pretty near pickin' time. But that ole cotton pickin job just ain't what she used to be!


Driving in the Park in 80 deg. heat and high humidity and seeing the leaf colors changing is a little strange to this old Yankee:



Recently I was lucky enough to watch the American Queen land in Savannah. First it raised it's smoke stacks, lowered to get under the bridge:





The two stacks are raised one at a time.

Meanwhile, the Captain lines up the boat (?ship?) with how he wants to be oriented to the shore, broadside to the current coming around the river bend, using the current to slowly push him near the shore and his engines to stay oriented. The crew are busy getting the gang plank ready:











Meanwhile, time for a tie off line. Note the tree protector:


After this pic my battery died, so I decided to stop taking more pics. Another section was added to the gang plank, after I snapped this:


to reach the sidewalk. Two lines were added to the front (?bow?). The engine and the current were then used to keep everything steady and in place.

There were three bus (really nice buses!) loads of people onboard. About 45-50 per bus. One bus did a step off tour of Savannah and the other two were bound for Shiloh. Larry DeBerry, owner and curator of Shiloh Battlefield Museum, was tour guide of bus #1. He asked if I wanted to come along. Thought of having him twist my arm, but I figured what the hay (like I really even thought twice about it!). Acting as Larry's assistant passing out literature, I went on a really great three hour ride. Found out the American Queen was on a 6 day cruise, which was suppose to be 7, but had problems before launch that delayed it one day. They started in Nashville up to the Tenn. River to Savannah and then to Chattanooga. Needless to say, a good time was had by all, including yours truly.


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Sorry... I was trying to give your post a 4-star rating, and thought I had to click four stars... The rating system won't let me correct my error. (The pictures are great, BTW.)



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That's OK Oz. I didn't even know we could give out stars! Too bad someone who can actually take decent pics wasn't there as these scenes tend to be better than comes out of my camera.


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John, if the camera don't do it, it ain't gettin' done! I personally think the photographer needs a little (A LITTLE!) fine tuning, but that's a subject for another day.


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