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'David Stuart's Brigade saved the Union Left,' -- Elijah Lawrence, 55th Illinois.


So begins the chapter, '55th Illinois at Shiloh,' written by Otto Eisenschiml, from his book, The Story of Shiloh, sponsored by the University Club Of Chicago, published in Chicago (1946).


Less than twenty pages long, this chapter offers an opportunity to 'fill in details, left out' of the after-action report, written by a wounded David Stuart, in April 1862. Beginning with a 3-page summary of the life of General Stuart, followed by one page devoted to Oscar Malmborg, the events of April 6th proceed from an accurate depiction of the location of the camps, at the extreme left of the Union Line; the arrangement of the 54th Ohio, 55th Illinois and 71st Ohio (east to west) in line of battle; the first indication (from Prentiss, about 0730) that 'the attackers would be coming their way...' but requiring almost two hours for those attackers to arrive, in force.


The steady, but doggedly stubborn, falling back of Stuart's Brigade is described, including mention of 'Malmborg's Hollow Squares.'


In early/mid afternoon, on April 6th, the remnants of Stuart's Brigade commenced an unmolested retreat to Pittsburg, and took position in Grant's Last Line.


A brief, concise summary of action on the Union Left. Offered as an addition to the reports of Stuart and Chalmers. Found online at:






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