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As a reminder to all of us and as information to the newer members, I would like to remind everyone that the member known as Pennsylvania Cajun was a member by the name of Art Bergeron.  His membership continues despite the 6 year period since his death.  To honor the memory of a good member with many posts, most of which are still on the old Shiloh board.  A fine author with many published books, he worked at the Army command staff College at Carlisle Barracks, Pa.  He was from Louisiana and specialized in the confederate military units from that state.  He complied info on confederate Louisiana units and state militia units.  For this, he was recognized as a expert on Louisiana military units but also wrote books on campaigns in the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama area. 

In Memory   

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Our esteemed Shiloh Discussion Board Administrator (Perry) and I knew Art Bergeron (Pennsylvania Cajun) and his last wife, Carole, very well way back in the  days of the old Prodigy civil war discussion board.  Gosh, we're talking 20 years ago.  One day both Art and Carole, surprised me when I was volunteering and giving tours at the Stone House at Manassas Battlefield by paying me a visit.  Really nice people.  I still have an autographed copy of his "Confederate Mobile" on my book shelf.  He had a fine sense of humor and was extremely well versed in the civil war.  Difficult to believe it's been 6 years since he left us.  Miss you, Art.



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