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Shiloh has gotten it's fair share of rain. Lotsa standing water. Good reason to dig a trench around your camp:


The Bloody Pond has gotten a little larger:


Dill Branch is now Dill Lake:


The bouy marker that was south of where Dill entered the Tenn. River moved a few hundred yards north:


Notice the tree in the middle of the river moving past the Landing:


Tilghman Branch isn't too bad:


Likewise Shiloh Branch:


As I was taking this picture at Shiloh Branch, it occurred to me that the water was flowing west. It would then go northwest to Owl Creek, turn north to Snake Creek, where it will head east and then south into the Tenn. River, where it will turn back north to the Ohio River. From there it's west to the Mississippi and south to the Gulf.


Of course, a week of warm rain and then a day of 70 degrees will send Mother Nature into a frenzy of glory:



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Great pics, Jim. Thanks. Maybe all the rain will help the park spring to life for the anniversary. (See what I did there?) Looks like it already has around the Peach Orchard. Love that one!

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Nice photos, Jim.  As someone once told me, "Wear sensible shoes".  I've had mud suck the shoes off my feet on many a civil war battlefield!



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The weather here in Nashville today was perfect, mid 60's and a clear sky...can only hope it dries everything out from all the snow and rain from the last month before the Anniversary dates. If it could be the same for all those days as it was today, absolutely perfect.

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Impressive photos...


Just curious: would you say the river level (and creek depth) as recorded in your photographs were about the same as those experienced on April 6th, 1862; or were the 1862 levels lower than those captured by your photographs?


Thanks for sharing your photos with the rest of us.



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