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2015 Battlefield Hikes in an Adobe format

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After Action Report of Laura and Jody

Headquarters Rainbow City, AL, April 5, 2015


We enjoyed our time at Shiloh very much. We drove up on Saturday morning and arrived about 10:00.


Spent the morning from 10 - 12:30 with David Stewart and Tom Rambeau following the route of Wood's brigade on day 1 from Wood's Field/ Fraley Field, Peabody's camp, and the capture of Burrow's Battery. Next, we visited Ruggles Battery and enjoyed learning about the cannon on display there. I had no idea so many horses were required!  


Afterwards, we met for the NPS car caravan tour at the Visitor Center and learned that Jimmy Whittington was ill and that the tour was to be led by Woody Harrell in his stead. Enjoyed Woody's tour very much - especially his description of David Stuart's position and the "fleet-footed 71st Ohio." Having a tour led by Woody was an unexpected treat!


After the tour ended, we visited the Living History event at the Shiloh Battlefield Museum. Ran into Curt Fields portraying General Grant. (We had previously met Curt at Appomattox in 2012.) If you've never seen him portray Grant, you are missing out. Beauregard and A S Johnston were also there, along with a host of well-portrayed living historians. 


We missed meeting Alan (Transylvania) for dinner Sat night. My phone battery was dead after using the camera all day, and so I missed Alan's call when he arrived in the area. We did meet up with him and WI16th Jim at the visitors center today though. 


Today, we spent the morning in some Ranger led programs, saw the movie, etc. This afternoon, we headed out with Alan's hike notes and a tablet map in hand to locate the elusive Wood's Brigade tablets located in the Lost Field and in front of Ruggles Battery. These tablets are in remote areas of the battlefield and are only accessible by bushwhacking (which we did.) Thanks Alan for sharing your notes; they were most appreciated!


Finally, we ended our trip to Shiloh with a quick trip out to Fallen Timbers and the newly pinpointed location of the Mickey House (where my gg grandfather established Wood's Brigade Hospital)  Thanks to WI16th Jim and Larry DeBerry for making it possible for me to know exactly where it was located!  



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Sounds like you had a great time. Laura.  Glad you got to meet some of the SDGers.  Thanks for sharing the events with the rest of us!



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