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My nephew paid me the last $250 he owed me on a boat I sold him. $50 immediately went to the neighbor kid for yard work and then I received this email:

Civil War Trust

Save Shiloh

Save 295 acres at Shiloh!

The morning of April 6, 1862 was one of shock and alarm as the men of General Ulysses S. Grant’s Union army found their camp at Pittsburg Landing being attacked by Confederates under General Albert Sidney Johnston. Colonel John McDowell, whose brigade occupied the extreme right flank of Grant’s army, rushed his troops forward to meet the threat. Colonel Preston Pond, Jr.’s Louisiana brigade greeted them with fierce volleys and eventually overwhelmed the Yankees. With the Union right flank collapsing, the Confederates swept the field.

Today, the Civil War Trust is pleased to announce our immediate effort to save the exact site of McDowell’s stand against Pond’s Confederates. This 295-acre area of land is the most significant unprotected land on the western edge of Shiloh National Military Park. With your help in saving this land we are not only adding to the protected acreage at Shiloh, but also providing an important buffer between the battlefield and likely development on the park’s western border.

Donate to Save Shiloh! »

And there goes another $100. I've always felt I could never possess money and that it hardly even acknowledges my presence as it goes flying by!


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Between the two of us, I'm sure we've saved lots of battlefield acreage over the years.  I'm always contributing to the Civil War Trust and the Gettysburg Foundation.  Let's hope that after all these anti-civil war and Confederate issues, that these worthy organizations still receive enough money to preserve our battlefields.



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