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Hello from the mountain state

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It's not that bad. I think I'm on page 22 now. I was just very sleepy earlier, as it was the middle of the afternoon, and I was in serious need of caffeine. lol I did look for it in other formats online but didn't find any. I'm getting most of it and appreciate all your help.

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I know this is quite late to post here, but I noticed Owensboro and thought I'd chime in.  I live in and am from Owensboro, and with the city being on the Ohio, it was a frequent stop for steamboats.  In my own research, I have found many steamers advertising in surrounding newspapers of making weekly trips from Owensboro to Louisville, Paducah, and even as far as Cincinnati.  Several Federal gunboats were docked here at various times throughout the war, and in 1861, dozens of boats loaded with new regiments went down the Ohio and sometimes stopped at Owensboro or even Rockport, which is right across the river.  Some boats passed Owensboro, then took the Green River down to Camp Calhoun which is where Crittenden's division was being formed in 1861.  I hope it isn't too late to help!

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