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Drusus greets you all!

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Hello and g'day....wherever you are.....


Just posted on the info area...oops...wrong place. Better here.


My fascination with this battle, and my deire to visit the Park, stems from a wargame i played many years ago called "Fury in the West". A simple design, it had many errors and inconsistancies, but was the only 'title' I could find.


Playing the game left more questions than it answered. For the first day, as the Confederates, I deployed my pieces in such a way as to get a result that enabled the Rebs to push very hard at the Union lines. You got to the point, however, where Union play solidified, and you could not turn a flank easily without 'straggling' half your army away.


 The whole thing was palatable, but unsatisfying, so, I read a little about the battle, and found that Confederate chances on day 1 WERE as I expected and found. I then chanced across a design, a magazine game called "Hell Before Night", that was as accurate as it was frustrating to play( the mapwork and order of battle were superb, with indivdul regiments forming divisions that could be busted apart, by both enemy action or by yourself). Gone were the grand sweeps of Rebs, replaced by HARD bitten fighting after the surprise was over. It included much in the way of historical trivia, and played like a dream when trying to reshape strategy on both sides.


All this gave me a want to visit a battle park that seemd to be a sidebar in a host of other ACW sites on the tourist trail. Situated where it is, this didn't surprise me at all.


So, when I got to the "Armchair General" site a few days ago, a poster called Guthrie, seeing my breathless enthusiasm for this battle, pointed me toward this site. He asked me, because I was from Australia, if I was "Ozzy". You'all know I'm not, because the person he was referring to has peppered your site with good stuff, and I much look forward to picking his and other experts brains on this site.


So, here I am, ready to have my general and patchwork knowledge of this most incredible, crucial, and least known battle major battles, filled in...


I'm all ears......and eyes....and sences.


Someday, i'll sit with Perry on that picket fence, and close my eyes....and be transported back to a time when the Union wasn't so confident, when the South still had it's No.1 soldier alive and WAS confident, and when U'S. Grant fresh from Donelson, was out to prove he wasn't a drunk, had interests other than horses and wood whittling, and liked to sit in the evenings with his ol' bud, W.T. Sherman, and talk horses.



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Hello Drusus,

Welcome and enjoy the good information in the various posts.  Be sure to check out the older posts as they are good with much information.  These good topics deserve to be discussed again. 

Please tell us you thoughts  above the Shiloh National Military Park, a park I rate as being in the top 2 or 3 of all of the battlefield parks, and also don't hesitate to give your thoughts about the battle and associated topics.  An example of a associated topic is about the civilians who lived on the plateau that was the area the battle was fought on.  The plateau was of 9 square miles (and still is), had about 170 civilians living in the area on about 40 farms.  I look forward to your contributions to the group's site. 


As a odd ball thought, can anybody answer the question of, How many casualties were suffered by the local citizens during the battle?  I found this topic very intriguing it has been asked so few times.  I will offer my answer after a little time.


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