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I might be mistaken, but I believe my profile picture, or rather the picture I wanted for my profile picture is in the gallery. If this is the wrong place for it, I'm sorry. I had to have help from 2 family members just to get it loaded, and now neither of them know how to make it my profile pic. :) So, I'm just apologizing for any confusion. If anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to help. 

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Yes, I can see it there.  Here's how to change your profile picture.


  • When you're signed in, you'll see your name at the top of the screen.  Click the little dropdown arrow beside your name.
  • Click My Profile (the first choice, I think).
  • Now you'll see your profile picture on the left (just a blank outline right now).  Hover over it and the word "Change" will appear.  Click on Change.
  • Now click on Browse to browse to wherever on your computer you have the picture stored.  When you find it, open or double-click it so that it will be selected.
  • I think from here you can crop/adjust the picture and click Done when finished.

Hope this helps.  If you want to message me (there's a little envelope icon at the top of the screen as well).



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