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Inquiry Regarding Shiloh Monuments/Markers

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Hey everyone, quick question that has been bugging me as of late...


At the Mississippi dedication couple weeks ago, one of the speakers mentioned that with the addition of the MS Monument, that it is now the 16th State of 19 to now have a monument on the battlefield itself. This got me thinking....what are the States that are missing at this present time? I know certain states like Florida, Pennsylvania, & Georgia are mentioned on Markers but do not have their own monument, but it feels as if either I misheard the statement or just can not recall who in fact does & who does not have their own State monuments on the Shiloh Battlefield itself. Because to the best of my knowledge, all States involved in the battle on either side are at least mentioned on Markers, correct?


My apologies for the confusion, just an annoying itch that I had to scratch in all this. Thanks!





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You have raised an excellent question, and the answer is muddled... because some States (and in the case of one State represented by both sides): a single regiment represented that State's contribution:

  • 77th Pennsylvania Infantry
  • Munch's Minnesota Battery
  • 1st Nebraska Infantry
  • 1st Missouri Infantry (Confederate)

And in the case of Louisiana, the official dedication in 1915 seems only to have recognized the Crescent City Regiment.


Beginning in June 1902, the State Memorials dedicated are (In order): Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Iowa, Alabama, Minnesota, Arkansas, Louisiana (?), Confederate Memorial (?), Michigan, Mississippi.


I have not found 'Official Dedication Ceremonies' recorded for the States of Nebraska, Florida, Georgia or Texas. And although Missouri and Kentucky have 'State Monuments,' I wonder how large and 'official' were their dedications?


I suppose, in the end, it all depends on how official and comprehensive you believe the monument to be...






Sources used: Shiloh National Military Park, Administration and History   http://www.shilohbattlefield.org/


       A History and Guide to the Monuments of Shiloh National Park by Stacy Reaves Charleston, SC: History Press (2012)


       Top Shiloh National Military Park 'Things to do'   http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/North_America/United_States_of_America/Tennessee/Shiloh_National_Military_Park-874478/Things_To_Do-Shiloh_National_Military_Park-TG-C-2.html

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The Missouri and Kentucky state monuments are recent editions.  I don't have a date for either one.  While the Missouri monument is rather nice, the Kentucky "monument" is a densely written plaque, totally devoid of any aesthetic qualities (and I can say that as a son of the Bluegrass State).

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