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Civil War Women

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I was looking for information IRT baseball being played at Corinth, Mississippi, and somehow ended up on the blog, Civil War Women, (run by Maggie MacLean.) Since I was already there, and had never visited before  I decided to have a look... and was impressed by the number of entries on offer; the extensive content accorded to each entry; and the ability to find information via 'Search Box,' or by any of twenty 'Categories.' For example, the category, 'Female Soldiers' yields over fifteen entries. 'Women Doctors' lists more than ten Civil War women doctors (I only knew of one: Mary Edwards Walker, and she is among the ten listed.) Also, incidents such as the Richmond Bread Riot of April 1863 are on record, and fully explained.


Although covering the period 1861-1865, the participation of women at the Battle of Shiloh (as Nurses) is included: Mother Mary Bickerdyke and Mary Jane Safford. And the wives of some of the male participants at Shiloh are examined: Julia Grant and Mary Breckinridge just two of many.


A surprising and refreshing take on the Civil War... from a different perspective. Well worth a look.  http://civilwarwomenblog.com/







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