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The Sowell Brothers sad tale.

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The sorrow caused by the Battle of Shiloh was further extended to the Sowell families of George W. and John W Sowell.  The sorrow of these two brothers was because George did not survive the battle and his brother John died shortly after the battle due a illness of Tuberculosis.  John was too ill to be moved, so his family of his wife, Sarah and their 6 children remained in their cabin during the battle.  The cabin was damaged during the battle but the family survived without injury.  Sadly, John died within months of the battle from his illness. 

It has been mentioned that George Washington Sowell did not survive the battle.  George moved his family, of his wife Elizabeth (McCuller) and their 6 children to safety above the Snake Creek in Civil District #11.  It was discovered that some valuables had been forgotten in their haste to evacuate their cabin and, regretfully George elected to go back and get the forgotten items.  While in the cabin, George paused in his search and appeared at the door to the cabin.  In this brief moment, he was mortally wounded and died on his front porch in minutes.  Some doubts to this day still remain of the facts of Georges death.  I have seen this story in more than one book or statement but would like further confirmation so if you can add to this sad event, please post your info. 

The maps of the Battle of Shiloh of 1900, by Atwell Thompson, the Shiloh Park Engineer shows a third cabin in the Sowell field and this may be the third Sowell brother Wesley but little is known of this brother.  I believe that Wesley Sowell stayed in his cabin during the battle.  Can you provide any further info of him?

The sorrow of this brief tale of woe is that two families suffered the loss of the head of the household and left behind two wives and 12 children in total. One family stayed and the other fled but both lost their head of household both for sad reasons.    

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