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Col. Moore's 21st Missouri

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Ran across this resource while investigating the development of the road network at Shiloh NMP (one of the authors, T.W. Holman organized the 45th Anniversary Camp at Pittsburg Landing in April 1907.)   http://archive.org/stream/21stmissouriregi00holm#page/n3/mode/2up   The 21st Missouri Regiment Infantry Veteran Volunteers, by N.D. Starr and T.W. Holman; Roberts & Roberts Printers: Fort Madison, Iowa (July 1899) 60 pages.  The book details how the 21st Missouri resulted from the amalgamation of two undersized Missouri 'regiments' under Colonel David Moore and H.M. Woodyard; describes the preparation and departure in March 1862 from Hannibal via St. Louis for Pittsburg Landing... But, it does not touch on David Moore's Court Martial, or the reason for it. For that information, one must review the Papers of US Grant vol.4 pages 423, and 434-436.

Departing Hannibal on March 18 aboard the Di Vernon, the 21st Missouri disembarked at St. Louis and proceeded to Benton Barracks... for one day. On March 20th, the regiment boarded the J. C. Swon [spelling correct: named for Captain Swon] and steamed for the build-up of Federal force in Western Tennessee, stopping at Savannah on March 25th 1862. For Colonel Moore, it went downhill from here: his troops were accused of 'firing upon occupied dwellings' during their passage up the Tennessee River; Moore was accused of allowing it to happen. He was charged by General Grant with 'Conduct unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman' on March 26 and taken into custody. On March 28 his Court Martial got underway (per General Orders No.32) at Savannah, Tennessee with General Wallace as President of the Court. [In Papers of US Grant vol.4 pages 435-7, Grant indicates he proposed Lew Wallace as President; but then describes WHL Wallace as acting as Court Martial President]. On April 2nd, the Court found Moore not guilty of all serious charges; however Colonel Moore was found GUILTY of 'Conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline' and given a reprimand... and released, to join his regiment (which had been assigned to the nascent 6th Division, and was camped about three miles south of Pittsburg Landing.) Moore met Benjamin Prentiss (who had only arrived the day before.) And on April 5th, Colonel Moore was put in command of a reconnaissance south and southwest of the Camp of the 6th Division... but reported that he failed to find anything significant.

Just trying to fill in some gaps...



References:  http://www.riverboatdaves.com/riverboats.html   (Riverboat Dave's steam boat reference)

http://digital.library.msstate.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/USG_volume/id/17403/rec/4   (Papers of US Grant volume 4 notes pages 434-7)



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