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As we know, Illinois had a fair commitment to the Battle of Shiloh: nearly thirty infantry regiments, more than ten artillery batteries, several battalions of cavalry... and key personnel (claimed by Illinois) that included U.S. Grant, WHL Wallace, Benjamin Prentiss, Thomas Sweeny, Oscar Malmborg, Stephen Hurlbut, and John McClernand.

However, attempting to track down detailed information about the various Illinois units that participated in the fight of 6-8 April 1862 can be difficult... until now. Presented is an online resource created by William B. Stubbs (about 1994) entitled A Bibliography of Illinois Civil War Regimental Sources (in the Collections of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library: Part One -- Published and Printed Sources). Labels indicate it is affiliated with The Journal of Illinois History, so hardcopies may be available. The link:

http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=    (Bibliography of Illinois Civil War Regimental Sources by citeseerx.ist.psu.edu)

This bibliography list is 62 pages long, and contains at least one entry for every Illinois regiment. All the listed resources are maintained in physical form by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library (but many of those resources have been scanned onto HathiTrust, archive.org, or Project Gutenberg -- so they are also accessible online.)

Although the bibliography does not record every diary, letter, or book written IRT the nearly 180 Illinois regiments featured (this resource was compiled 1994), it is a great place to start (and search the resources you do find for more bibliographical references in their appendices.)

Have a look, and tell me what you think...



N.B.   This post contributed to honour the memory of Gene Heitman.



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