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Map used by the Confederate Generals at Shiloh

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This was the map supposedly used by the Confederate command at Shiloh that was distorted showing exaggerated distancePittsburg Landing to Corinth.JPG west to east which gave them a distorted feel for the battlefield.

Shiloh Confederate map - out of scale.gif

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Thanks for sharing these Confederate Shiloh maps: had it not been for the invaluable assistance provided by local guides, the Rebel force that left Corinth may have found itself in Alabama, before ever reaching the vicinity of Shiloh Church.

Stacy Allen (Chief Ranger at Shiloh NMP) is of the opinion these inaccurate Confederate maps may have resulted in more problems for the attacking force than most folks realize: his thoughts can be found in the linked C-Span video, beginning at about 46min and 40sec, and running for about five minutes.

http://www.c-span.org/video/?305156-1/shiloh-battlefield-tour   (Shiloh Battlefield Tour)





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