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Hello from Ohio at Perryville

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Operations of the Army under Buell from June 10th to October 30th 1862 by James Barnet Fry (Buell's Asst. Adj. General and Chief of Staff) and published at New York by Van Nostrand (1884) with online link to HathiTrust below.

This work begins by reminding readers (p.7) that "Buell was assigned to the Department of the Ohio because it was in a desperate condition [read: Sherman had left it in a desperate condition] and was made commander of the Department on November 15th 1861. During the next seven months, Buell organized and disciplined an Army that was second-to-none. And that Army rescued Grant's Army at the Battle of Shiloh."

The above is important for showing the mindset of the author (who acted for Buell much in the same way John Rawlins acted for U.S. Grant.) Aside from reporting on the Battle of Perryville (from p.51) this work is noteworthy for portraying Henry Halleck's intentions after Corinth (pp.11-12); Halleck's directions to Buell for advance on Chattanooga ("repair the M & C RR as you go, and use that railroad as your supply line") page 14; President Lincoln's focus on Chattanooga and East Tennessee (p.17); Bull Nelson takes command in Kentucky August 16th (p.40); Bragg moves into Kentucky (p.45); Buell and Wright conflict (p.49); causes of Buell's relief from command (begins page 81, and includes the role played by Governor Yates of Illinois and Governor Morton of Indiana.) The work of the Buell Commission begins on page 105.

Just in case you haven't found it yet...



Reference:   http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015027639023;view=1up;seq=123  Army under Buell


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