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CSA letters from Corinth

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New member David (callsign "Ole Miss") provided a link to University of Mississippi archives, so took the opportunity to have a look: in the Juanita Brown Collection is a series of letters to/from Mrs. LouLie Clark, sister of Lieutenant J.H. Buford 32nd Mississippi Inf. Regt. and James Buford (regiment not identified) and aunt of J. B. Clark of the 11th Mississippi. The most interesting letter from James Buford (dated January 9, 1862 from Fort Columbus, Kentucky) [Item 511: Folder 21; Scan 8 on page 26] details James successful attempt to resign from the Confederate Army, due ill health.

The 11th Mississippi, of which J.B. Clark was a member, was sent in 1861 to the Eastern Theatre, so many of J.B.'s letters have Virginia sites as place-of-post. For me, his most interesting letter is dated April 14, 1861 from Florence, Alabama, and details the celebrations there upon learning of the attack on Fort Sumter [Item 265-267: Folder 17; Scan 30-32 on page 14.]

Lieutenant J.H. Buford has a number of interesting Letters:

  • Item 288-293: Folder 17; Scan 51-56 page 15. Written on CSA letterhead from Camp Cheatham on June 14, 1861, Buford expresses his belief the war will be over soon, and he will not have had the opportunity to shoot at any Yankees.
  • Item 341: Folder 18; Scan 34 page 18. Written from Danville, MS in August 1861.
  • Item 368: Folder 18; Scan 59 page 19. Buford writes from Memphis on September 23, 1861.
  • Item 427: Folder 20; Scan 1 page 22. Letter from Oakland, MS of November 1, 1861.
  • Item 504: Folder 21; Scan 44-46 page 26. Corinth on May 16, 1862. Part of Hardee's Corps, SAM Wood's Brigade.
  • Item 513: Folder 22; Scan 1 page 26. Baldwyn, MS on June 2, 1862: escape from Corinth.
  • Item 515: Folder 22; Scan 11 page 26. Writing on August 2, 1862 from the Alabama River aboard the steamer, Lily, Buford describes his time in Tupelo; trek to Mobile; voyage on the steamer to Montgomery, with eventual destination of Chattanooga (of interest because this illustrates how Braxton Bragg got his forces to Chattanooga without use of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad.)

http://clio.lib.olemiss.edu/cdm/search/searchterm/juanita brown collection/field/origia/mode/all/conn/and/page/14

The above link will take you to page 14 of the Juanita Brown Collection. Advance pages one page at a time using page selector at top right. Scroll down the page to the Folder number and Scan number of the letter desired (many letters are multiple pages; to advance to next page, use "results" box arrow at top right.) Pages 14-26 contain many more letters than those listed above for the three Mississippi soldiers: Buford, Buford and Clark.

Thanks again to David (Ole Miss)






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