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Most decisive battle...

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Just ran across this video produced by C-SPAN in February 2012: Civil War Battle of Fort Donelson runs for about 50 minutes and features historian Kendall Gott. Elements discussed include experience: Fort Donelson is where Grant's Army gained valuable experience under fire, while battle-experienced Confederate soldiers soon found themselves locked away in Northern POW camps (and unavailable for Battle of Shiloh); importance of railroads, gunboats and telegraph to the war effort; the connection of Fort Columbus (and its evacuation) to the Henry/Donelson Campaign; the role of General Albert Sidney Johnston in the loss of Fort Donelson. Also, mention is made of the improvement of Fort Donelson by NPS over time, making the site of the Battle easier to appreciate.

Noticeable omissions: mention of mortars or torpedoes (particularly in response to questions from the audience IRT Fort Henry and Fort Columbus.)




N.B.  The title to this post comes from a comment made by Kendall Gott in the video, and his justification for making that comment.





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