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Harper's Weekly

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Published from 1857 to 1916, Harpers Weekly provided an invaluable forum for news (and sketches) of battles and places of interest during the Civil War. Recently, almost the entire collection of Harper's Weekly has been scanned onto the Internet: although our purposes at SDG are mostly met by editions published during 1862 (and can be accessed through "sonofthesouth" as component of the link below) some later editions in the 1880s and 1894 contained "Return to Shiloh" articles, with sketches illustrating changes that occurred to the battlefield after 1862. These sketches help provide a bridge between "Shiloh as it was" and our present day.



http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/webbin/serial?id=harpersweekly  onlinebooks easy reference provided by University of Pennsylvania for access to archived issues of Harper's Weekly



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