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Perry Cuskey

Great Moments in Hiking History

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A little fun from some of our Epic Treks....


(Photo credit: Michele)



(Photo credit: Ed Wertz)



(Photo credit: Mike Talplacido)



(Photo credit: Michele)


22930157726_b3f43baba7_z (1).jpg

(Photo credit: Michele)



(Photo credit: No one claims this one)



(Photo credit: Mike Talplacido)



(Photo credit: Michele)


We'll be doing another Epic Trek this November. Why not join us? You'll have a great time, and who knows, you might wind up as a caption. :)


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Thanks ladies. And no worries, Michele. Besides, slipping, tripping, and/or falling down on a Shiloh hike is a little like getting turned around or lost out in the park - it's a right of passage. ;)


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