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Stan Hutson

Shiloh account, pre-battle patrols

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I found this account while doing some Shiloh research.  Detailed account of the patrolling in the days before the Battle of Shiloh as Federal patrols searched for Confederates ahead of their lines.  That, and the successful escape of 2 Federals after being captured at Shiloh



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Thanks for showcasing this important, first-hand account by J.J. Geer, published only a few months following his capture in April 1862. His record of interaction with General Benjamin Prentiss, since July 1862 confined at Madison, Georgia (where all the other surviving Federal officers taken at Shiloh were collected, by mid-July) is of importance; as is report of the Picket Skirmish on April 4th, leading up to Lieutenant Geer's capture.

Another reference you may find of interest: "The History of the 48th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry" [ http://www.48ovvi.org ]. The unit Geer belonged to, before his assignment to Buckland's Staff, the above website is a "work-in-progress," frequently updated. Numerous Pittsburg Landing-specific links (just click for access); two extensive Battle of Shiloh components; and an eight- page letter, written by Captain Frank M. Posegate to his wife (April 11th 1862) in which he details the events leading up to April 6th. [In the aftermath of the Picket Skirmish on April 4th, Federal cavalry sent to investigate labelled the enemy action as simply "reconnoitering in force." Captain Posegate records his own view: "No one seemed to think it possible for the Rebels to attack us..."] 

There are some genuinely thought-provoking inclusions on the 48thOVVI website... but believe it best not to give too much away.




N.B.  Two items of minor relevance: period records of John J. Geer can be difficult to track down (unless you use the common misspelling of his name as Greer.) Also, no mention of Lieutenant Geer is to be found in D.W. Reed's Battle of Shiloh and the Organizations Engaged. [It would be reasonable to expect Geer's listing with Buckland's Staff on page 39, with disclaimer "captured prior to Battle of Shiloh."]




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