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Stan Hutson

Digitized Confederate maps

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Thanks for posting this collection of maps: the "Map for the Battle Field of Shiloh, April 6 & 7, 1862" is  of interest, due the question: "When was it drawn?"

First, the map-maker: indicated as "L. J. Fremaux." Unfortunately, little is uncovered when attempting to search by that name; however, when "Napoleon Joseph Fremeaux" (who shortened his last name to Fremaux, and his first name to Leon) is investigated, all manner of material appears. Born in Paris about 1821, Fremaux migrated with his parents to New Orleans between 1830-1840. Already a noted sketch artist in his teens, Fremaux took employment as the State Engineer for the Louisiana Board of Public Works (and was known to Braxton Bragg before the war.)

At commencement of the Rebellion, Fremaux joined the 8th Louisiana Infantry, Company A, and was present during First Manassas; and the 8th Louisiana remained primarily engaged in the Eastern Theatre during the next four years.

Beauregard connection: upon agreeing to President Davis' "request" for him to move to Department No.2 General Beauregard believed he had the licence to request "up to ten senior officers from the Eastern Theatre to join him in the West." On page 245 of Roman's biography of Beauregard, it is indicated that "one of the men requested was the Engineer, Fremeaux." (And that engineer arrived "just a few days prior to the Battle of Shiloh.) In OR 11 page 609, in a letter written on 31 March 1863, is a request for information from Captain Fremeaux IRT the nature of Shiloh Battlefield, and the level of the Tennessee River on April 6th, "as Fremeaux had seen it."

Upon review of the image of the Fremaux Map of Shiloh (on file with U.S. National Archives as TN-11 of Record Group 109) there is recorded the positions of Confederate forces, and rough sites of the Union camps, at approximately 5 - 5:30 on Sunday April 6th. These features could have been added at any time, after the battle. But the detail of the road network, the siting of the streams and illustration of the west bank of the Tennessee River is more accurate than most of the period maps.

Definitely better than this:

Confederate Generals shiloh map.gif

All the best



References:  OR 11 page 609.

http://archive.org/stream/milloperations01romarich#page/244/mode/2up/search/Fremeaux  Roman's bio of PGT Beauregard

http://uagenealogies.as.ua.edu/josie-herumin-the-riches-of-louisiana/  sketches of "New Orleans Characters" by Leon Fremaux

http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=131108311  Captain Leon Fremaux 1821 - 1898 at find-a-grave


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