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Perry Cuskey

(2007) virtualbooksigning.net

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Just wanted to tell everyone about a web site that I ordered a book from last week. The site, virtualbooksigning.net, is associated with the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago, and I believe is run by one of their staff members and also a member of our board here, Bjorn Skaptason. Rumor has it that he also knows a bit about the battle of Shiloh :)

The virtualbooksinging site periodically holds live, online interviews with various history authors. During the program they take questions via email and also offer the books for sale, signed by the author during the show. I've only had the chance to catch a very few so far, but they are pretty good.

Last week I tuned in to watch the program featuring Dr. Allen Jayne, author of [i:f6bb6c94be]Lincoln and the American Manifesto[/i:f6bb6c94be], and Dr. Patrick J. Jung, author of [i:f6bb6c94be]The Black Hawk War of 1832[/i:f6bb6c94be]. I only intended to watch, but before long I found myself hunting for my credit card to order one of the books. Figures. The orders apparently go through very fast, because the author signs the books right there during the show, and you can even ask for a personalized inscription if you wish. Then you can watch the author signing your copy. It's pretty neat. I received my book on Friday, about a week after ordering. All in all a pretty good experience.

In any case, even if you just watch the broadcast and don't order - remember, that was my original plan :) - it's worthwhile. You can also email questions to the author(s) whether you order or not. I think the shows last for around an hour. You can get on their mailing list if you'd like to be alerted to upcoming programs. Here's a link -



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