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Shiloh survey (2).jpg  ( Confederate Veteran Magazine, March 1895.)


Much deserving credit is accorded Major D. W. Reed in helping make Shiloh NMP what it is today. But, "unrecognized others" were just as necessary to the creation of, "the wondrous preserve that is Shiloh NMP and Cemetery" (including the survey team, pictured above.)

In Confederate Veteran (volume 3, edition of March 1895, pages 75 - 77) begins an extensive article that details work of some of the other men (and provides photographs): Colonel E T. Lee and Captain J. W. Irwin, just two mentioned. Others include Colonel Cornelius Cadle (Park Commissioner), General Don Carlos Buell (Park Commissioner -- page 104), and Captain James Williams (Assistant Secretary of Shiloh Battlefield Association, former member of Brewer's Cavalry Battalion, then living in Savannah Tennessee.)

The article begins with an "invitation to attend the Second Reunion at Shiloh, to be held April 5 and 6 1895 at Pittsburg Landing," and flows into a description of the work done by Colonel E. T. Lee of Monticello Illinois (Secretary of the Shiloh Battlefield Association.) E. T. Lee also wrote a four column article on Battle of Shiloh (included in references at bottom.)

On page 77 the details of Captain J. W. Irwin are revealed (former member of Confederate Cavalry that was absorbed into N. B. Forrest's command.) A two-page article detailing service with General Forrest is included.

Much additional information is to be found in volumes 3 and 4 of Confederate Veteran, but the Index does not allow effective searching. [Best to click on the "Catalog Record," below; select the desired volume; and in Search Box at top of that volume, insert "Shiloh" for references IRT the creation of the Military Park.]



References:  http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=hvd.32044035882372;view=1up;seq=104  Confederate Veteran, volume 3.

http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/000528187  Catalog Record for Confederate Veteran Magazine (all issues, 1893 - 1922.)

http://newspapers.library.in.gov/cgi-bin/indiana?a=d&d=INN18950302-01.1.11  Indianapolis News of 2 MAR 1895, page 11, "Shiloh Memorial Park" by E. T. Lee.


N.B.  Did anyone else notice the steamboat in the background? Might be the Edgar Cherry.



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I tell you.  I am sure most of you know Paul aka Dude that has worked as a seasonal ranger at Shiloh for years.  Almost every day after work he goes walking/hiking around the battlefield.  He is a local boy and he knows the land.  Some of his observations about the terrain and how the terrain has changed leave you with raised eyebrows, like, wow, that is a solidly legit point.  

It would be a great thing to have Dude give a hike and show you what he has seen and what he thinks.  

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