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Stan Hutson

Letter by 2nd Lt. Benjamin Jordan Gaston, Company E, 26th/50th Alabama Infantry

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Corinth, Miss, April 3rd 1862,

Dear Parents, Brothers and Sisters,

We are preparing to leave, I know not where we are going or what direction we will start—the wagons are now here ready to be loaded but we have only three wagons for the regiment so it will be but very little we can carry—we only carry two tents to each company—they are for those that may get sick while we are out---we will be out five days I reckon for we were ordered to cook five days rations---my opinion is that we will go out to wards the river for I understood yesterday that our force out there was too weak and that they had sent to Gen. Gladden for reinforcments and I also understand that they were fighting a little out there so if that be true we will probably get a chance to try our hand.  Our Batt. (battalion) is now filled out to a regiment but  I do not know its number—our field officers were appointed—Mr. Coltart from Huntsville is our Colonel—Maj. Chadick our Liet. Colonel—Mr. Gwin our Major. 

As we are merely going out with so little equipage I reckon we will return here before a great while---you can direct your letters to Corinth until you hear from us again as I am in a hurry and every thing in confusion I can’t write but very little and I cannot  (unreadable) you but little satisfaction---when we settled I will write you again.  Write soon and often.  No more at present, Farewell, B. J. Gaston.

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Pvt. Benjamin Jordan Gaston, Company G, 10th Alabama Infantry or 50th Ala Inf.jpeg

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