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Stan Hutson

12th Iowa Infantry diary

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It is for sale at the site above.  Would love to read the whole thing.  Diary of Pvt. Elijah Overocker, Company F, 12th Iowa Infantry.  He was captured at Shiloh and died while a Prisoner of War in Montgomery, Alabama.

If anyone wants to buy this for me, well, that would be nice :)

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Congratulations on a truly significant discovery: Diary of Elijah Overocker, 18 years old from Manchester Iowa when mustered into service with the 12th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company F, on 16 SEP 1861. There are a number of diaries extant, initiated by soldiers of the 12th Iowa; but almost all commence from the date of capture at Shiloh (as most men left their diaries and letters at the campsite, and those materials were subsequently lost.) Private Overocker is the only 12th Iowa diarist known to have kept his diary with him (although one of the following men...) Anyway, what is most important about Overocker's diary is the story of the 12th Iowa prior to April 6th 1862 (details of rampant illness at Benton Barracks, where over seventy men of the regiment died; involvement in the Campaign against Fort Henry; involvement in the feint of 15 FEB against Fort Donelson.) Ability to compare Overocker's diary to others allows revelation of "what was most important" and verifies significant occurrences that did take place, and on the date indicated.

As for other men of the 12th Iowa whose diaries are available (in complete transcription) for public viewing:

  • Joseph B. Dorr, QM of the regiment, captured on April 6th and who escaped confinement by passing himself off as someone else during the Confederate Government release of all privates, which took place end of May 1862. [Complete prison diary extracts and two letters contained pages 92 - 109 of A Perfect Picture of Hell by Genoways & Genoways (2001) University of Iowa Press.]
  • Luther Jackson, Lieutenant of Company H, who was held at Montgomery Cotton Shed Prison until end of May. Following the Confederate Government release of all privates, transferred to Camp Oglethorpe, Macon, Georgia where he succumbed to illness June 9th. [Complete prison diary contained in A Perfect Picture of Hell pages 65 - 86.]
  • Frank Hancock, Corporal in Company B, from Allamakee County. Hancock left his diary behind in the camp, but it appears to have been sent safely to relatives back in Iowa. Meanwhile, Corporal Hancock commenced another journal of his prison experience, and included daily entries from capture on April 6th until release from confinement in October. At Camp Parole, Annapolis Maryland, succumbed to the effects of illness and malnutrition on October 27th. [Complete Diary from January - October 1862 available at iagenweb -- Allamakee County http://iagenweb.org/allamakee/history2/chap23.htm  (scroll about 1/4 way down the page, under "Twelfth Iowa").

Every piece of the puzzle helps complete the picture...




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