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Civil War Guns

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Civil War Guns, published 1962 by William B. Edwards, is a well-researched, comprehensive catalogue of almost all of the various rifles, muskets, rifle-muskets and carbines in use during the Civil War. The information contained (and page number):

  • 1- 6 and 218           Sharps carbine and rifle
  • 144 - 154                 Spencer carbine and rifle (with 7-round tube magazine)
  • 22 - 37                     Springfield models 1841, 1855 and 1861
  • 242 - 250                 Enfield Model 1853
  • 89 and 256             Austrian (Lorenz)
  • 29, 67 & 122           Vincennes

Not restricted to particular weapons, the following topics are also covered:

  • 28, 65 & 132 - 143      Fremont's role in 1861 acquiring weapons in Europe (and problems with the Hall carbine)
  • 8                                    The Zouave Movement
  • 9                                    Minie ball development
  • 13 - 15                          The rifled barrel and its importance
  • 16                                  Maynard Tape primer system
  • 18                                 Huger's Tests of 1853/4 (to determine best type of rifled barrels and optimum size of projectile)
  • 42                                 photo of Tool Kit (necessary for maintenance of rifle-musket)

Containing hundreds of photographs and written by a man involved in manufacture of firearms, this is a valuable resource.



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