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Shiloh primary sources

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Missing from the above collection, but containing hundreds of Shiloh veteran recollections: The National Tribune. Published in Washington, D.C. from 1877 until 1917 (much of that time edited by John McElroy) the National Tribune was a "Veteran's Newspaper" dedicated to advocating for pensions and benefits for Northern War Veterans and their widows and children. Possibly the two most important Shiloh articles are the following:

http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn82016187/1883-02-01/ed-1/seq-1/#date1=1883&index=0&rows=20&words=Hovey+HOVEY&searchType=basic&sequence=0&state=District+of+Columbia&date2=1883&proxtext=Hovey&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&page=1   National Tribune of 1 FEB 1883 page one, col.1 "Pittsburg Landing"

http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn82016187/1884-03-13/ed-1/seq-1/    National Tribune of 13 March 1884 page one, col.5  "Battle of Shiloh"  [The first of fourteen elements in a series describing the gathering of Federal Forces at Pittsburg Landing and the resulting Battle of Shiloh. Believed to have been created by a journalist with last name of "Cunningham," this series appears to have been a response to the interest generated by an exchange between Generals Hovey and Veatch, regarding "the Surprise" at Shiloh. [The front page beginning of each element continues onto page 8, and sometimes pages 2 and 8.]

[Of course, there is much more to be discovered in the National Tribune. Placing "last name" of Powell or Peabody or etc in Search Feature results in interesting hits. As does Pittsburg and Shiloh and surprise...] [Single-word searches work best.]

Thank-you to Library of Congress (Chronicling America online newspaper access) for making these references available.




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17 hours ago, Ozzy said:

The following link leads to 21 pages of titles/ authors of primary sources (created through about 1920) relating to Battle of Shiloh:

http://www.civilwardigital.com/Shiloh-_Guide_to_Collection.pdf  Guide to Shiloh primary sources




hi there are several titles in this list i am interested in  reading..do you know how to go about finding a copy..remember..im not that good on the computer..thanks! mona

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There are three primary "storage sites" on the Internet for old books, all of which allow free access, and all of which are actively expanding their collections:

archive.org                                   HathiTrust.org                                        Project gutenberg

1)   When searching for a reference, go to your favourite Search site (Google, Yahoo, etc)

2)   Enter the title as complete as possible -- example:  Health histories of generals -- [ Enter ]

3)   If nothing comes back as "hit," or if similar titles come back, try

  • Health histories of generals archive
  • Health histories of generals hathi
  • Health histories of generals gutenberg

4)   If the reference you are after still does not appear, try adding the author:

  • Health histories of generals by Jack Welsh

5)   If still nothing, perhaps the title is not correct. Try:

  • The health histories of generals
  • The health histories of Union generals
  • The health histories of Civil War generals
  • The health histories of Union generals by Dr. Jack Welsh
  • The health histories of Union generals by Dr. Jack Welsh archive
  • The health histories of Confederate generals by Dr. Jack Welsh hathi
  • [Keep trying different combinations of possible title, and review what hits come back...]

6)   One of the "hits" informs me there is "The Medical Histories of Union Generals" by Jack Welsh and it is available at books.google.com.au (This is another free access site, but sometimes only limited searches are available. A similar free access site -- but requiring a password -- is jstor).

7)   If still no luck, try getting the correct title (and author) from Library of Congress. Repeat the above search. [Sometimes misspellings, or words omitted from title derail the search. Make sure your spellings are correct, and all words in title are included.]

8    If a well-known author's work is being sought, return to your favourite search engine and try: onlinebooks Welsh, Jack

  • in the above example, nothing comes back from onlinebooks at University of Pennsylvania. But, a "hit" comes back from wikipedia for Jack Welch that includes most of his published works at bottom of page.

9)   If you have tried all of the above, and still have no luck

  • it could be privately held (family library)
  • it could be privately held (university library, or university library special collections)
  • [Some of the above are still accessible, and some are not. For example, I have been searching for William Tecumseh Sherman's Civil War diaries, and believe they are either in private hands, or held at U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Regardless, I am convinced that they are not available online. Some searches just do not pan out.]

Happy Hunting



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