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Sometimes you find details where you least expect them... and this autobiography is a real gem:

Reminiscences of a Soldier's Wife by Mary Logan  https://archive.org/details/reminiscencesas02logagoog/page/n8 

The view from Cairo of "what was taking place, just across the Ohio River" (...and I was going to just list the "important bits" relevant to us at Shiloh Discussion Group):

  • pp. 100 - 116     Muster and drill in Southern Illinois (31st Illinois Infantry, Colonel Logan -- Member of Congress)
  • pp. 116 - 118     Battle of Belmont (as experienced by those waiting for the Troop Transports to return)
  • page 120           The 31st Illinois meets General Grant
  • pp. 121 - 122     Fort Henry
  • pp. 122 - 126    Fort Donelson (where Colonel Logan is wounded. His wife, Mary, describes her efforts to retrieve him from the battlefield.)
  • pp. 127 - 129    The move up the Tennessee River to Pittsburg Landing (reflects a civilian's understanding of what took place)
  • page 129           Major General Halleck in command.
  • page 130           General Halleck is called to Washington (and General Grant resumes command...)

But, the most important bits are "what came afterwards..."

  • pp. 130 - 131     The relationship of Generals James B. McPherson and John Logan
  • pp. 159 - 161     The replacement of Army of the Tennessee Commander John Logan with O. O. Howard
  • pp. 162 - 168     Incredible exchange of letters after the war between William T. Sherman and John Logan, reflecting on "interpersonal relationships" involving Sherman, Logan, O. O. Howard, George H. Thomas and Ulysses S. Grant.
  • pp. 170 - 172     Another illuminating exchange between Grenville Dodge and John Logan (regarding Dodge, Logan, WT Sherman and George Thomas).

If you want to understand "why Union commanders related to each other the way they did," and "why friction seemed to appear from nowhere" (and how those interpersonal relationships impacted actual "fighting of the War"), then this is a good place to start...






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