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As a rule, I am not a fan of audio presentations, without video to enhance it. But while doing some sorting and rearranging in the office, put this American Military History Podcast – Shiloh on… and was pleasantly surprised. The Story of Shiloh, as told by the narrator, is not far off from how I believe a fair telling of the Battle of Shiloh should run. The full presentation requires just over an hour, so in the interest of allowing “bits of most interest” to be accessed (begin at 4 minute mark):

 4 minutes     PGT Beauregard, upon receiving a report on 2 APR that, “Lew Wallace is moving his Division west, thus dividing Grant’s army,” initiates the Rebel move from Corinth;

 23 mins        General Sherman in the days prior to Battle of Shiloh:

 26:30            Jesse Appler and the 53rd Ohio annoy Sherman;

 29:30            U.S. Grant hears the guns of battle;

 29:30            Beauregard believes surprise has been lost, and attempts to abort attack;

 31:40            Peabody

 39:00            Grant meets Sherman at 10 a.m.

 45:30            Rebel attack plan of “driving the Union northwest, into the swamp” is inadvertently altered to “driving the Federals northeast, towards the Landing”

  47:30            Prentiss frustrates the Rebels by holding on in the Thicket.

 52:30             The death of Albert Sidney Johnston;

 55:00             Prentiss surrenders.

 57:30             The last assault, against Grant’s Last Line.

 58:00              Beauregard ends Day One operations.

 61:00              Lew Wallace…

 64:00              Grant’s errors…

 65:00              Nathan Bedford Forrest

 66:30              Colonel Helm’s bad intelligence, advising, “Buell is moving south…”

The podcast finishes with a brief description of Fallen Timbers, and summary of casualties.

Overall, I found the presentation impressive, and mostly accurate. Most errors were due to editing (errors of omission) as opposed to Fact errors. But, have a listen, and tell me what you think.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVVYl_dAB4c   Shiloh podcast of 4 July 2018 by American Military History Podcast on YouTube. [Fourteen other Civil War battle narratives by the same organization available on YouTube, including Fort Sumter, Bull Run, Wilson's Creek and Second Manassas  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI6-GfRVbPA&list=PLZ487KCnJN833w3UKDCSNZGYkkAC9_kF6  ]


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