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New Shiloh Video

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Shiloh video by gaming guy


The void being left by the inadequate teaching of History in public schools is being filled, in part, by an unexpected history advocate: the online gaming community. Dedicated to “authenticity” in recreating historic Battle Games, the school-age generation is being taught history, unawares, through participation in online games.

With the above in mind... ran across this interesting video while searching for recent releases on Battle of Shiloh: “History Guy Gaming” has done other battlefield videos (Gettysburg, Antietam, Bull Run), and provided a review of the Battle of Shiloh game (Ultimate General) in 2017. His description of the events of April 1862 reflects the understanding of someone who was educated during the 1980 – 2000 period (with the summary of events and condensing of outcomes “necessary” to get through Civil War History in the least amount of time evident), but with obvious individual study undertaken.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syQ6wKjcFzE  "The Battle of Shiloh" by History Guy Gaming (published on YouTube 6 SEP 2019.) 

Following a brief introduction, the tour of Shiloh NMP begins at 3 minute mark, with the undeniable truth: “Visiting a battlefield results in better perspective and greater understanding.”

At 3:55 mark the battle begins with Peabody's unauthorized patrol (conducted by Major Powell.)

6:00 The Union defense of Duncan Field. Unfortunately, the narrator uses a modern map, and is further led astray by the location of General WHL Wallace's mortal wounding. Now that a key Union defensive line is re-named as “The Thicket,” he comes to the wrong conclusion (that the Hornet's Nest was co-located with the site of Wallace's wounding.) Since all histories of the Battle of Shiloh prior to 2010 make mention of the Hornet's Nest, those seeking the location of that site during visits to the park will struggle just that little bit, from now on.

9:00 Sherman's experience with repelling Rebel attacks. [CSA mass grave visited.]

10:50 Shiloh Church.

13:30 The mistake of General Albert Sidney Johnston.

16:15 Hornet's Nest (part 2)

18:30 Ruggles Battery a.k.a. “Thunder in the Thicket”

18:45 General Johnston's mortal wound.

23:30 Albert Sidney Johnston's loss; and relevance to War in the West.

24:00 Indian mounds.

24:50 Union retreat to heights above Pittsburg Landing: Grant's Last Line (Buell arrives.)

27:10 Dill Branch: Union gunboats versus Rebel advance.

28:30 “Lick 'em tomorrow, though” – U.S. Grant.

28:40 Day Two (and Fallen Timbers)

30:00 Shiloh National Cemetery.

32:30 Visitor Center (and review).

[The review of online game "Ultimate General: Battle of Shiloh"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj9sQKBu9U0 by History Guy Gaming on 30 DEC 2016.]




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