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Illustrated London News reports Shiloh

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It is always interesting to learn what “outsiders” thought of the internal upheaval that came to be known as the Civil War. And as we know, one of the ways the South could have emerged victorious: gain international recognition of the Confederate States of America as sovereign nation. Coupled with a mutual defense treaty (with France or Great Britain) the North would likely have found continued prosecution of the war too difficult.

As foreign powers made up their minds how to come to terms with the CSA, observers from Russia, France, England and one or two German States were noticed in Washington and Richmond. Of most concern were the representatives of France and England: extraordinary efforts were prosecuted in order to attempt persuasion of those powerful nations, by North and South.

The Illustrated London News is now available on HathiTrust for the years 1843 - 1875. Of interest to SDG is Volume 40 (Jan – June 1862) which contains:

Page 184 [Col.3 bottom] “America: The capture of Fort Henry.”]

Page 241 “America: Grant's capture of Fort Donelson.”

Page 280 The capture of Nashville; President Davis admits, “Our defenses were stretched too thin.”

Page 383 “The war in America seems to be drawing to a close” [19 APR 1862 cover.] Seems to put great faith in McClellan's Expedition...

Page 384 News delivered by steamer [current through 5 April.]

Page 408 26 APR edition: “News of Pittsburg Landing: the bloodiest battle which ever took place on United States' soil.”

Page 409 [top of column 1] “The Western men are proving themselves the heroes of the war...”

Page 433 The 3 May edition: “America: more from Pittsburg Landing...”

https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc1.c0000066837&view=1up&seq=166&size=125  Illustrated London News volume 40.

https://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record/000520935  All editions of Illustrated London News (1843 - 1875).


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