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Perry Cuskey

FAQ's about this discussion group

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1. How long has this discussion group been around?

Since February, 2007.

2. How do I join the group?

On the top right-hand side of any page on the board, you'll see an link that says "Create Account." Just click on that, and follow the instructions. Once you're finished you will receive a confirmation email that you also need to click in order to activate your membership. After that, you'll be good to go.

3. Are there any requirements to join the group?

No, except that to actually take part in the discussions - meaning posting notes or replies - you have to register as a member. You can read through any of the discussions on the forums without joining. But to take part, you'll need to register.

4. I'm not an expert on Shiloh. Can I still join this group and take part in the discussions?

Absolutely not. (Just kidding.)

Seriously, this group is intended for anyone who has any level of interest in the campaign, battle, or park at Shiloh, regardless of your knowledge level. We have members who are still new to Shiloh, as well as current and former park rangers, professional historians, and everything in between. Wherever you are along that scale, if you have an interest in Shiloh you're in the right place.

5. You say the board has been around since 2007, but the members list doesn't show any members before 2008. What gives?

It gets to be a long story, but the group started out on a different discussion board. We moved to a new board in March of 2008, and the database transfer resulted in everyone's membership dating from the transfer, regardless of when they joined. The current board is our third (and best) version, and dates from August of 2011.

6. What happened to all the little firing cannons from the second board?

They've been re-called for maintenance. smile.png But they were popular, and may return at some point.

7. Do you have books or other sources that you recommend, to help me learn more about the battle or the park?

The Resource forum will eventually fill that purpose. For now, there are a few notes posted in that forum where members discuss some of the various books on the battle.

8. Do you ever have a get-together at Shiloh?

Since 2012, we've had an annual get-together at the park the first weekend in November with historian Tim Smith. We call them Epic Treks, and if you've been on any of them you know why. :) This year's trek (2016) will take place at Fort Donelson. Keep an eye on the Announcements forum for updates. 


9. Why don't you have a FAQ page on the battle?

That's what the discussion board is for. smile.png


10. I'm having trouble joining/logging onto the board. What do I do?


Send me an email at pcuskey@gmail.com, with "SDG Board Help" as the subject-heading. We'll get you squared away.

11. I have some questions that I don't see covered here. Where can I turn to for help?

Once you join you can post a note in the Campfire forum, or send a private message to the administrator or one of the moderators. The board members are a pretty friendly and knowledgeable bunch, so don't hesitate to ask questions of them.


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[Admin note - The information in this post applied to the second version of the discussion board, and is no longer relevant.]

Ah, the infamous mana. :)

Probably the best response is to point you to this discussion, below, when the subject first came up a while back...


Short answer is that they're something of a rating system, and they were included as an option when we moved to this board from the old one last year. But to be honest, I don't really pay any attention to the mana things, and I've considered just doing away with them. We didn't use them when we first moved to this board, but as I think I mentioned in that discussion above, I activated them in hopes of curing another little problem we were having at the time. That's the reference you'll see to the mysterious little red x's. Long story about that. And the mana didn't help.

Anyway, I'll probably leave them alone for now, but unless there's some sort of outcry to keep them around, their days are probably numbered. (I hope no one takes away any of my mana for saying that. It's already pretty low. I'm obviously a bad member!)


Edited by Perry Cuskey

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