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Greystone Video on Shiloh

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Note - the videos referred to in the note below have been removed. Apparently they were only available as a free demo for a short time.


Below are links to a two-part video on Shiloh that was put together by Greystone, from their Unknown Civil War series. The first video is 47 minutes long, the second is 52 minutes long. You can watch them both, in their entirety, for free, on a site called American History in Video.

They should start automatically, but if not, just click the little forward arrow button you'll see right below the small screen to start the video. There are also two small buttons on the top-right of the screen that you can use to either make the video a little larger, or make it fill your entire computer screen.

Small word of warning. The very start of both videos is a cannon firing, and if your speakers are turned up a little too much, it can catch you by surprise. Take my word for it. ;)

Both videos are very interesting, for several reasons, and might generate a little discussion here about some of what is covered. But, as befitting Greystone, they are well put together, and the photography is outstanding. I used to love to watch the programs by Greystone back when they were doing the Civil War and the Real West series on the History Channel back in the 90's, just for the photography alone.

In any case, if you have an hour-and-a-half or so of free time either Monday or Tuesday, perhaps you could spend some time watching these videos on the anniversary of the battle they cover. Or if you're reading this after the anniversary is past (or is approaching), it's still very much worth the viewing time. Hope you enjoy them...

Part One -


Part Two -



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