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Additional Mississippi Regiment

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In my further reading concerning the Confederate Army of the Mississippi, I came on a reference of an additional regiment to the garrison of Corinth MS.  The army commanded by Generals Albert Sidney Johnston and P G T Beauregard departed Corinth MS just as a new regiment was being formed in the city.  The 32nd Mississippi Regiment was organized on the same day of the departure of the army from Corinth, April 3rd.  The thought was this regiment would replace the 26th Mississippi lost at Fort Donelson and so, the regiment was raised and formed in a short time of less than two months.  The regiment was commanded by the famous Colonel Mark Lowrey, a baptist minister who led the regiment with distinction in battles started with the Kentucky Campaign until Hood's Nashville campaign in December, 1864.  He was wounded four times, the last time very seriously and finished his service as a Brigadier General. 

During the battle of Shiloh, the regiment was without arms and much equipment but was able to guard and move the federal prisoners from the battle.  It continued forming and equipping and was fully formed by summer 1862 when it joined the Kentucky Campaign. 

Add the 32nd Mississippi Regiment to the garrison of Corinth in April, 1862.

Source is Volume 16, Southern Historical Society Papers, An Autobiography of General Mark Lowrey, page 365.  The book, "Generals in Gray" supports the main source.  

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