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Rear area troops in Corinth vicinity

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The post "Rear area troops in Corinth Vicinity" has been edited with several units added.  This post highlights the fact the field army that marched out of Cornith did not include all of the confederate units that were in the area.  Many of these units were unfit for active service or were designated as garrison troops.  Notice that the brigade left as the garrison of Iuka was that commanded by Brig. Gen William Carroll and was the seventeenth rebel brigade of the field army but not allowed to march with the army.  The brigade was poorly led by General Carroll who was removed from command on April 1st for drunkenness on duty as was General George Crittenden, removed from command of his division and replaced by Brig. Gen. John C. Breckinridge.  The absence of Carroll's brigade was greatly missed by the attacking rebels. 


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