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Park Day

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The annual Park Day will be held at Shiloh on Saturday, April 3rd this year. Below is a link to the announcement, followed by a copy...

Park Day 2010


Shiloh National Military Park will host Park Day on April 3, 2010. Park Day is an annual event sponsored by the Civil War Preservation Trust. It is an excellent opportunity to bring Civil War enthusiasts together in an effort to help keep our nation’s Civil War heritage not only preserved, but pristine, well-kept, and cared for.

In the past years caring volunteers have supported Shiloh National Military Park in various projects. These projects have included clearing a fire line around a portion of the park, clearing brush away to reopen a vista to provide visitors with a realistic view of a historic field, removing English Ivy from the wall of the Shiloh National Cemetery, opening a vista for the public to view the historic Pittsburg Landing area, and removing debris left from archaeological excavations of the pre-historic Native American Mounds Complex.

This year's project will allow volunteers to help restore historic commemorative features on the battlefield. Volunteers will help repaint and restore several nearly 110 year old cast-iron troop position markers and original artillery pieces on the battlefield.

Volunteers are asked to bring work gloves and meet at the Visitor Center at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 3, 2010. 

To participate in 2010 Park Day, please contact Chris Mekow by phone at 731-689-5696 or by e-mail.

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it happens to me every year at this time, I plan hikes I want to take and what I want to work on this year. you would think after 40 years of walking and reading the list would get shorter but it just gets longer. so much to do and so little time, if I could just get by without working. I'm trying to get a project for my scouts on park day. you in Perry Neal?

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yea C.D. i might be im going with my scouts saturday to the interperative center in Corinith trying to think of what to tell them hard to hold their attention at that age i get back with you i havent thought about park day that be good for them

perry neal

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