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I found the letters.  In a letter after the Battle of Shiloh, he states that he will write a long letter about the battle at a latter date, but it is not included in the collection.  :X


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I was looking for an excuse to introduce Alfred E. Mathews...  :)


(From http://www.loc.gov/photos/?q=Alfred E. mathews  Library of Congress "Photos, prints and drawings")


A.E. Mathews is one of a handful of sketch artists who produced contemporaneous works featuring the Campground in vicinity of Pittsburg Landing and the Battle of Shiloh. Private Mathews was officially a member of the 31st Ohio (of Buell's Army, George Thomas' 1st Division) but that regiment did not report to Savannah until April 8th... so there is uncertainty IRT how Mathews arrived on the scene (either with his regiment; or in advance of it, possibly assigned to detached duty with the 14th Wisconsin.) [The 14th Wisconsin was camped at Savannah, assigned Provost duties until the afternoon of April 6th, when Captain Hillyer of Grant's staff sent the regiment to join the fight at Shiloh. The regiment embarked on a steamer and arrived after dark, about 11pm.]

Born in Bristol, England in 1831, Alfred Mathews migrated with his parents to the United States while he was still a little child. Eventually settling in Ohio (at New Philadelphia) the young man taught himself drawing while working as a typesetter for a local newspaper. In the years immediately prior to the onset of war, Mathews was traveling through America, and attempting to finance his tour by selling books. When his money ran out, the young man found himself in Alabama, and went to work as a school teacher... and learning of the Emergency at Fort Sumter, he then had to make his way back north (subject of a book he wrote:  The Flight of Alfred E. Mathews of Stark County, Ohio.) Reaching safety in a Northern State, Mathews eventually found himself in the 31st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and soon began recording his experiences through sketches:

Boone's Knob

(31st Ohio Infantry crossing the Kentucky River at Boone's Knob -- from Harper's Weekly of November 23, 1861)


At Pittsburg Landing, Private Mathews sketched fewer than a dozen scenes, including:

?CISOROOT=USG_volume&CISOPTR=17452&actio Shiloh Church

?CISOROOT=USG_volume&CISOPTR=17451&actio Gunboats Tyler and Lexington

(Both of the above sketches from Papers of US Grant Volume 4, between pages 18 and 19.)


After Shiloh, Mathews accompanied his regiment to Corinth... and Vicksburg:

?CISOROOT=USG_volume&CISOPTR=4419&action McPherson's Army Corps at Vicksburg

(From Papers of US Grant Volume 8, page 417)


Chattanooga and Sherman's March to the Sea feature in A.E. Matthews later works, providing a total of 38 known Civil War sketches:



(From http://www.loc.gov/photos/?q=Alfred E. mathews  Library of Congress:  "Photos, prints and drawings")


Alfred Mathews mustered out in late 1864 with the expiration of his 3-years term of service. Following the war, he embarked on a "sketch tour" of the West which featured works based on scenes in Nebraska, Montana and Kansas; views along the route of the Union Pacific Railroad (1869); and he recorded the gold mining centers of Colorado, including Central City and Blackhawk:

Image result for denver by alfred e. mathews

(This is Denver in 1866, sketched by Mathews, colored by J. Bien.) [from google images]



References:  wikipedia

http://www.loc.gov/photos/?q=Alfred E. mathews   (Library of Congress)

http://digital.library.msstate.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/USG_volume/id/4615/rec/1   (Papers of US Grant)

http://www.sonofthesouth.net/leefoundation/civil-war/1861/november/war-in-kentucky.htm   (Harper's Weekly from sonofthesouth)

http://shilohnick.blogspot.com.au/2008/08/alfred-edward-mathews.html   (shilohnick article on AE Mathews)


N.B.   Much of AE Mathews work is "unsigned" or incorrectly attributed. Often, his sketches are attributed to "Middleton, Strobridge & Company of Cincinnati, Ohio" (the lithographer that mass-produced his sketches.)





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You've probably seen this already (another sketch by A. E. Mathews):

Image result for 14th wisconsin charging and taking battery

The Battle of Shiloh. Charge and taking of a New Orleans battery by the 14th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers, Monday April 7th 1862. Lithograph by Ehrgott, Forbriger & Company, 1862.    http://www.loc.gov/rr/print/list/picamer/paCw1862.html    Library of Congress: Pictorial Americana.



N.B.  Other interesting sketches of Shiloh at the above Library of Congress link, too.



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