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Rear Area Troops in Corinth vicinity

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The concentration of confederate troops in Corinth Mississippi was intended to resist any further federal advance up the Tennessee River and to defeat Grant's army before it could join with Buell's army which was advancing from Nashville. The confederates succeded in gathering about 50,000 men in the Corinth and Iuka area. The field army marched out of Corinth with just over 40,000 men.  Left behind were about 10,000 men who became the garrison of Corinth and Iuka.  These garrison troops included units reduced in men and equipment by previous field service, new levies forming and some organized regiments of low strength after hard service. Among these were,

Garrison of Corinth

48th Tennessee, partially formed with few arms and reduced strength.

51st Tennessee about 400 men from Chalmers' Brigade

52nd Tennessee about 300 men from Chalmers Brigade

  (eight companies only, two companies with Chalmers' brigade)

54th Tennessee, partially formed with few arms and few troops. 

9th Alabama Battalion 324 men from Jackson's brigade

7th Arkansas Battalion 324 men from Jackson's brigade

32nd Mississippi Regiment, new regiment unarmed and forming

Company B, 16th Louisiana from Pond's brigade.

Bain's Battery MS 6 guns from Gibson's brigade not fit for service

Carne's Battery 6 guns not fit for service   (See note below)

Miller's TN Battery 6 guns Believed being converted to heavy artillery

Lynch's TN battery heavy artillery battery   manning heavy artillery at corinth

Gibson's battery not fit for duty soon disbanded

Williams' Tennessee Battery, Capt. L Hoxton, not fit for service.

Troops in transit to Corinth

The 8th and the 16th Tennessee Regiments were in transit towards Corinth to join the concentration of troops.  Both regiments were coming from the Carolinas coastal region.  They had earlier seen service in Virginia. 

Garrison of Iuka

Carroll's Brigade about 2,217 men

17th Tennessee 500 men   to Corinth

29th Tennessee 500 men   to Corinth

37th Tennessee 500 men  Stationed at Burnsville.

25th Tennessee 500 men  Stationed at Burnsville.

Two of these regiments were sent to Corinth as part of that garrison,

(the 17th and the 29th Tennessee Regiments are thought to be these).

Baker's Tn Btry 5 guns 84 men unfit for duty

Baxter's TN btry 5 guns 73 men unfit for duty

Grand Junction TN

Watson Artillery LA 6 guns Thought to be in Grand Junction

Ducatel's LA Btry 6 guns equipping in Grand Junction TN

Decatur Alabama

1st Louisiana Cavalry


The 25th Louisiana believed to be at Memphis without arms. 

Unknown Location

Eldridge's TN Btry  Not certain if in Corinth or Memphis.

Union City

21st Tennessee and the 7th Tennessee Cavalry were at Union City.  The cavalry regiment was forming. 

Cavalry units

McNairy's 1st Tennessee Cavalry Battalion and Williams' Cavalry Company believed to be near Corinth.  The 11th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion, commanded by William Gordan, believed to be in Iuka and the 2nd Tennessee Cavalry Battalion, commanded by Samuel Jones, thought to be near but uncertain exact location. 

In addition to the garrison troops were about 6,000 sick.

This list is hardly complete and needs your input of other units close by but not at the battle. Please add your candidates.


Capt. Carnes when told his battery was not equipped for service as a six gun battery, turned in two guns to the ordnance officer and got approval to proceed to the battlefield as a four gun battery.  He and his battery advanced towards Shiloh and was in time to meet the retreating army on the Corinth road, going back to Corinth.

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Ran across mention of another Mississippi infantry regiment that was 'unarmed and forming.' The 34th Mississippi (Tippah Rebels) arrived at Corinth in time to resist Halleck's Crawl south. (Sometimes called 37th Mississippi.)



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And, one Georgia unit was on the way... but arrived at Corinth after the Battle of Shiloh. The 5th Georgia Infantry was organized in May 1861, and spent time in Florida as part of Bragg's Army of Pensacola. (Participated in the Battle of Santa Rosa Island on October 9th 1861.) While the unit was on duty in Knoxville, Beauregard specifically requested the 5th Georgia be sent to Corinth. As far as I can tell, the only 'element' of the 5th Georgia at Shiloh was the former commanding officer of the regiment: John King Jackson.


http://www.45thil-5thga.org/5thmilitaryhistory.htm   (History of the 5th Georgia)




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