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  1. It was the Old West that first called to me. Specifically, the Colorado Rockies, mountain men, ghost towns, and old abandoned silver mines. Most summers when I was a kid, my dad would take me on camping trips far up into the Rockies, and maybe that speaks to the why. Something about being there and seeing it, firsthand. In person. We'd go places that most tourists wouldn't see, including, I'm sure, more than a few places that we weren't supposed to go. You'd have to have known my dad. And we'd learn about the history. It was just part of the deal. You'd travel somewhere, take it all
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  2. I'll try to reconstruct my 15 days at Shiloh, March 28 - April 11. Due to my oldtimersdisease, some of the events and dates are already running together. Feel free to correct me at any time, which may provoke an argument. Also, additions that have slipped the old memory tapes are welcome. As usual, the drive down to Shiloh is always faster than the trip home. I made it in little over 9 1/2 hrs, and had the car unpacked at 4pm. What to do? Drive to Shiloh! Arriving at the old Shaw's Restaurant, I discovered it was the registration site for the Blue & Gray Alliance (B&G A). Out f
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