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  1. Ozzy...... As you well Know, if you are a true student of the Civil War, you make it your business to know the obscure. I've probably visited just about every civil war monument in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, not to mention quite a few in Western Theater states. I'll try to do better in the future! THE MANASSAS BELLE
  2. Hi Ozzy........ It's the National War Correspondents Memorial in Gathland State Park near South Mountain, Burkttsville, Maryland. THE MANASSAS BELLE
  3. Lovely poem/song, Perry. I've always liked H W Longfellow's work. Here's wishing you and all the members of the Shiloh Discussion Group, peace in your heart this Christmas and good health in 2018. THE MANASSAS BELLE
  4. Perry...... First of all, I'm not a card carrying Democrat or Republican. Like all voters in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we do not affiliate with a political party. (I have to say, however, I definitely have strong Democratic leanings). Second, I believe slavery was a contributing factor to the Civil War. Third, I think the Confederate Monuments (outside battlefield parks) that were erected and dedicated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries served an emotional purpose for the people of the South who had native sons who fought in the Civil War. Fourth, I'm sorry
  5. Hello..... In case there were any re-enactors or historians heading to Virginia next weekend.......Due to the current atmosphere here in Virginia, the long tradition of "Civil War Weekend" scheduled for August 24-25 in downtown Manassas (Bull Run) is officially cancelled. The times, they are a-changing. THE MANASSAS BELLE
  6. Perry, Well said, my friend. THE MANASSAS BELLE
  7. Congratulations, Perry, on your 10 years of Shiloh Discussion Group leadership! It's difficult to believe that time flies by that fast. I still remember the early days on Prodigy (close to 15 years prior to the SDG) when our Civil War group spent hours in live chats discussing the Civil War (Shiloh included). I also remember your dedication to writing well researched civil war articles while we both frequented Suite 101 on the Internet. (You even let me write a guest article a time or two.) Walking the fields of Shiloh with you, I, too, developed a keen sense of the history, beauty and peacefu
  8. Join me in wishing our fearless Shiloh Discussion Group leader, Perry Cuskey, a happy birthday today . Enjoy the day, dear friend! THE MANASSAS BELLE
  9. To All Esteemed Members of the Shiloh Discussion Group....... Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanza and the best of battlefield touring in 2017! THE MANASSAS BELLE
  10. Neat stuff, Perry! Thanks for sharing! THE MANASSAS BELLE
  11. Thanks for sharing, Wrap. Great stuff. THE MANASSAS BELLE
  12. Ozzy...... I visited the real Gibraltar as a side trip to my tour of Spain in 2014. Great fortification with lots of history. Loved the caves and monkeys. ( I thought it was interesting that their modern main street crosses their airport runway so traffic has to stop every time a plane takes off or lands. It works!) I've been to Vicksburg but, like you, not to Fort Columbus. I'll have to add it to my "to do" list and visit it someday to see the comparison to Gibraltar. Thanks for the interesting topic! THE MANASSAS BELLE
  13. TomP and All....... I've been to the illumination at Antietam where they have 23,000 luminaries. It's quite impressive. People line up their cars as early as 3:00 p.m. the first Saturday in December and the lines go on for miles along the highway waiting for dark to drive through the battlefield. Lots of re-enactors are also encamped amid the luminaries at Antietam.....great opportunities for photos. It's an annual tradition for most folks here in Maryland and Virginia. Sounds like the one at Corinth will be similar. THE MANASSAS BELLE
  14. Camping? To me, "roughing it" is no room service! THE MANASSAS BELLE
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