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  1. Sherman just about cashed in his chips a couple of times in the War. First at Rhea Field and once again at Collierville when his train ran smack dab into a battle.
  2. 51stTNMike

    Short trip

    Had a day to myself on Thursday and decided a trip to Shiloh was in order. After dropping by Larry DeBerry's museum and donating a cartridge I dug awhile back and talking to them for a bit I thought I would go bug my favorite Yankee, Jim. Unfortunately by the time we got through jaw jacking and I was able to get across the street to the park it started raining on me. I still managed to make a few passes through and say hi to an ancestor who I think is still in Rhea Field. Once again, always a pleasure hanging with you Jim.
  3. You mention that triangular route, Lew Wallace was stationed for a period of time in my hometown Bartlett (wartime Union Depot) on the Mobile and Ohio railroad to protect it from raiders.
  4. Did I not read that they were going to try to extend Rhea Field by mechanical removal of trees? Would really like to see that.
  5. Thanks for letting me swing by Jim. Enjoyed the conversation at Larry's too.
  6. Just got around to reading this post. Thanks, means alot to me since this is probably the field my ancestor was killed or is buried in. We assembled at the end of the Shiloh filming in the same spot the 53rd assembled that fateful morning and received a moving speech about honoring our ancestors and the men who fought there. One by one we were called forward as ancestors of men who fought there and eventually as ancestors of men who were killed there. Brought tears to a bunch of men that day.
  7. Welcome Jeff, glad to have you here.
  8. That is what I love the most about Shiloh, it's remoteness. Battlefield encroachment is not something you have to worry about here.
  9. Yeah, I would say it's dated alright.
  10. That was probably your best bet Jim. If you don't mind driving to grab a quick sandwich you can get one going west on 142 to Stantonville. Only store at the corner of Michie/Pebblehill Rd.
  11. There's a bunch living around Stantonville. I see them going down 142 all the time.
  12. From the Shiloh NMP Facebook page: "Continuing our series on soldiers lost in the battle of Shiloh, we present Pvt. Francis Marion Agee, Co. H, 22nd Tennessee Infantry. Agee was born on September 13, 1843, in Gibson County, TN. He enlisted on June 19, 1861 in Trenton, TN. Records indicate that Pvt. Agee was "Killed in the battle of Shiloh Apr. 6, 62." Thanks to our park friend and living historian Mike for sending in this information about one of his ancestors. Everyone please join us on the battlefield today for living history programs and tomorrow for our Memorial Day observances." Pictur
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