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  1. mona

    "Southern Bivouac"

    basil duke became editor of this publication..
  2. ok i have gone to the Park..t. Arnold and T Smith helped me..both the 5th oh cav and 72nd oh inf were involved in a skirmish on the 4th with rebel cav...location?? maybe they used crump landing as they only knew of that location where they were based out of at that time? buckland does mention action with the rebels in his or report on the 4th..
  3. well now i am, comfused..i rad where 72nd was down skirmish fighting around owl creek bridge..not at crump landing..guess ive not heard the rest of the story.
  4. mona

    Hi, everyone!

    you are just getting started..one book will lead to the need to read another!
  5. He just needs to visit Shiloh and will discover it was not just a "little" battle...
  6. Thank you Ozzy for this clip..i love Buster Keeton..and the Birthday Wishees!!
  7. mona

    Hi, everyone!

    hi..glad to have you as a part of our little family
  8. mona


  9. mona


    Welcome !! Have you ever visited Shiloh?
  10. as to #3..the stream in question at stoney lonesome..is a wet weather water-run from the springs north of stage rd and s\does continue south..older people that live along the stage road in this area retell of the large,deep cold swimming holes that they as kids played in..so there is a water feature in this area..also Purdy is more northwest of adamsb\ville than the map shows.
  11. yes...the info is all on the facebook page and not here you go figure..but sat am we leave out at 8am so get there earlier to pay tim 30.00 cash..we will meet at the visitor center..and then car caravan down to the church were we will begin our trek..lunch will be somewhere along the way...ive got sandwich galore and jeanie will have snickerdoodles and other cookies..we will end up at the v.c...see you sat..it is very very wet here ..the place looks like the battle just happened with many many trees down from sat storm.
  12. im going to have to answer these bit by bit..very busy dont have much time at all to research.. 1-warm in the morning which led to later showers... 2-Ohio..72nd--48th--70th 5th Oh cav 4-2-2:30pm 5-Sherman 6-Buckland 14-7 men and 1 officer Herbert of the 70th will be back..go to go check my cows that are calving.... Mona
  13. i believe he was acquiring horses at the time of the battle of Shiloh but came on and was quartermaster dept for gen Halleck on his approach to Corinth
  14. mona

    John Rea Farm

    i dont know..have not ever heard of a location in shiloh area know as bagwell...but will ask around.
  15. thanks... i think i found a distant relative in clanton's..my father always told of a distant relative that was killed at stones river...i am going to research..wm allen and sydney allen and robert allen..thanks
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