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  1. I tend to take David Lloyd Jones's account with a grain of salt and do not use him as a primary source unless collaborated by other sources. I don't believe any of the four companies returned to camp before the battle and went from picket duty straight to fighting. It doesn't make sense for picket companies to leave their post and return to camp without being relieved nor do I believe they would have gone to breakfast as the fight was starting. Jim
  2. I don't believe that Companies B, C and D returned to camp at the beginning of the battle. Everything I've found has the four picket Companies joining Col. Moore at the beginning of the battle. Timothy Smith in "Shiloh: Conquer or Perish" states: "By this time, Peabody had already sent out more of his brigade to aid Powell's outnumbered command. Powell was retreating to his camps, but arriving columns changed his mind - first those of the 16th Wisconsin pickets , who were now the front line, ...." I've never found where B, C and D go after the patrol is driven back, but Company A does rejoin t
  3. The interpretive has posted the anniversary schedule: Corinth Anniversary Events 2016 Date & Time Everyday from 10/03/2016 to 10/05/2016 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee Information FREE Monday, October 3, 2016 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ----Civilians in Corinth Meet at the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center Hiking Distance: Car Caravan and ¼ mile walk Type of Terrain: Short distances on city side
  4. I'll call Monday and put a rider on my coverage. A Flock of Raging Bulls umbrella, as it were. Jim
  5. I'm more than happy to blaze the trail for you Oz. Jim
  6. Thanks Doc, and yes it would be.
  7. Note the new tap handle. I've been looking for a Civil War related tap handle since last winter with no luck. I figured my best hope was something cannon shaped. Then I came upon this web site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/customwoodnc... I sent him a message if to see if he could make one in the form of a mortuary monument cannon. He asked for a picture, so I sent him a shot of Peabody's Shiloh monument. This is what he made for me: it occurs to me that it could be considered a quaker cannon. I do believe I first learned of Ron's raging flock of bulls in relation to Do
  8. http://www.oshkoshmuseum.org/Virtual/exhibit3/e30281b.htm
  9. The practice during the war was that the north named their army's after a river, i.e. The Army of the Tennessee. The south named theirs after an area, i.e. The Army of Tennessee. I'm not sure when it became an official policy. It did tend to confuse me in my youth. What the H E double toothpicks was the 16th WI doing in The Army of the Tennessee? Sounded like a Reb army to me. Jim
  10. “Your Family On A Battlefield” Photo Contest! This summer, people across America are stepping onto battlefields. Families are going on trips to learn about our nation’s history and exploring our greatest conflicts. We want you to share your special moments with us! Submit a photo of you or your family members on a battlefield: a national, state or local park, or even preserved land owned by the Civil War Trust. Take a snapshot of you and your spouse on a hike, children with a park ranger, or grandparents taking in a monument—anything that you can capture! The photo contest is be
  11. Tim is a former Shiloh Park ranger, not superintendent. Tim's work seems to follow the battle reassessment, looking at the battle in total vs. concentrating on the Hornets Nest, begun by Cunningham.
  12. Interesting. You spit out the word revisionists like it taste bad in your mouth while at the same time you present a revisionist's version on C.F. Smith. Self loathing, or is it that it's OK for just you to question the written record? Jim
  13. WI16thJim


    Those pyrrhic victories can sure wear an army down.
  14. Jeeez Perry. Looks like a can of worms got opened!
  15. WI16thJim


    Ozzy, " With 1029 more casualties, obviously the Federals did not win..." I've always considered that the side that holds the battlefield when all is said and done determines who won the battle. Jim
  16. Anyone notice we have just reached 300 members? Isn't it time for our illustrious leader to provide an all expenses paid trip to Shiloh contest to celebrate? Jim
  17. I believe the part near the road and the house area.
  18. Doc Patterson said he was keeping the house and some of the land. Jim
  19. Ron, isn't that the spot where you 1st encountered your flock of raging bulls? Jim
  20. The CWT has announced they are attempting to acquire a large part of Dr. Patterson's property on the south border: http://www.civilwar.org/battlefields/shiloh/maps/shilohmap.html Jim
  21. Stacy Allen is still @ Shiloh. I think he is a permanent fixture. Jim
  22. I think you are off as to A.S. Johnston's troop strength. He had to know the Yanks were going to invade, but where? Down the west bank of the Mississippi? Down the Mississippi? Up the Tenn. River? Up the Cumberland River? East Tenn. from Virginia (future West Virginia)? Moving a large army east and west in a hurry would have been impossible. By strengthening any one place, he would have weakened another, making that point vulnerable to rapid invasion to which he would have been hard pressed to meet in a timely manner. Johnston was in a damned if you, damned if you don't hopeless situation.
  23. WI16thJim

    Hello All

    If Grant's army would have been destroyed or captured @ Shiloh, the whole war could have been lost. The Rebels would have had free reign in the West for at least a year. Grant, Sherman and possibly other important Yankee leaders would have been disgraced or even killed, which would have set back the future successes in the East and the West. Foreign governments may have seen the victory as a good reason to recognize the south. The repercussions would have echoed for years. And the the worst possible outcome, the 16th WI could have gotten wiped out, killing my grandfather and preventing my birt
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