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  1. hi Mike from Oregon. be in Corinth Oct 2, 3, 4 on the 156th anniversary not finding anything on website, I will call the park this week unless you can enlighten me on any events thank you
  2. hello, i have seen advertisements on many Civil War magazines for AMU would like to study, first would want to hear if others have knowledge first hand or not of this online organization. It's a big investment and obviously I need some feedback from independent sources. Anybody
  3. WHen I first got the magazine I emailed the editor and somewhat berated him for perpetuating the often disputed fact of Grant's over imbibing. He was very kind in response. It was too long ago and not saved email to recall much.........Not only does history media as in this headline, seem to take pleasure in this over reaching myth, it feeds the general publics view of Grant. Most of the time this specific issue is the general publics ONLY view of the man who saved the nation from splitting into two(not a bad idea considering the Feds growth&power)........I could go on and on and may af
  4. count me in THANKFUL(L) again this time for OUR country's history and that there are still those who recognize and celebrate it!!!!!! YOU ALL
  5. drawing for something free-I AM IN and I AM THANKFUL(L) THANK YOU PRESIDENT LINCOLN for the National Holiday
  6. thank you for this love to dine at Ft Vancouver on Officers Row The Grant House not only has yummy food, the hosts will take one on a tour and have Grant's desk he used during his time in the territory. It's the original house they also can show and explain the remodeling that has occurred.
  7. music to my ears, eyes and soul seeing your reply Idaho Native though the UW loss this week was ugly and embarrassing, they gave a gift to ASU
  8. who did the Vandals lose to , teehee..............i come here for Shiloh discussion and get into College Football discussion, oy vay
  9. WOW I like Sharon from Idaho am envious of those who can spend time like CD is encouraging on These Hallow Grounds of Shiloh, and other historically significant spots in The USA(the fraction that remain). April 27 is Ulysses S Grant's Birthday G-D Bless America Mike
  10. Hi Mona logistics; my event in Nashville on Sunday ends 11am, seems to me drive to Shiloh 3 hours? Arrive 2pm ish? Is that worth your time to tour? I would love to see Cloud field, the Indian mounds and Dill Branch ravine...while this would be sufficient and depending on time and nightfall I would also like to retrace Lew Wallace's misdirected march. If it makes sense to communicate directly here's my cell phone 503-784-1101 or I would call you on my dime if you desire I called and ordered the Blue and Gray publication the challenge will be is it going to arrive here in time, ordered Monday
  11. Perry thanks contacted Mona maybe as "tour" guide will check into magazine I did go to the Corinth Intrepretive Center on Aug 06 visit WOW!!!! I do hope to return this visit also
  12. WOW, Mona thanks and responding to Perry's thought are you will to give myself and a traveling companion a tour? on Sunday or Monday Jan 11/12? I just saw your willingness to tour on Sunday that would be great........
  13. HI I am visiting Corinth/Shiloh for a short visit Jan 11/12 I have visited both back in Aug 06, again a short visit......If anyone has "must see's" I would be grateful Mike Beaverton OR
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